SentienceAI technology

AI-driven, multi-channel CX

SentienceAI is the super-accurate Natural Language Understanding technology that powers all Synthetix services, from conversational Virtual Agents (chatbots) to Web Self-Service, to agent assistance in the contact centre through channels such as live Live Chat. SentienceAI delivers AI-powered, multi-channel CX the way it should be; fast, accurate and seamless.

AI-based Natural Language technology platform

Powerful, flexible NLU for powering conversational customer experiences.

Inspired by Neuroscience

SentienceAI implements a comprehensive, holistic approach to understanding user utterances, inspired by discoveries in Neuroscience. SentienceAI emulates the way in which the brain interprets language, with separate subroutines to look at lexicon/semantics and sentence construction. In the brain, these dual functions of language understanding are handled by distinct neural pathways.

Superior NLU technology

We developed best-of-breed NLU algorithms to deliver comprehensive linguistic understanding, applying hundreds of morphological rules to transform the customer's input into a string of mnemonics which enable lightning-fast language comprehension. Amongst the techniques which Sentience AI employs are stemming (removing inflectional word endings), phonetics, common spelling error detection, stop words and query expansion.

High Performance

Our SentienceAI algorithms are designed with extreme scalability in mind, allowing the technology to scale to any level of customer demand. We pre-process knowledge-base data, producing efficient and compact streams of mnemonic bytecodes that have already gone through multiple phases of sophisticated linguistic computation. This frees SentienceAI from reliance on common performance bottlenecks such as relational database queries to allow for exceptional performance and massive scalability.

Learning through experience

Intelligence is nothing without learning. SentienceAI employs machine learning to iteratively and automatically improve its NLU model based on every single customer interaction. Millions of data points are scanned daily to improve cognition, analysing both quantitative and qualitative measures. The model is additionally trained by contact-centre agent feedback and human editors, allowing instant optimisation and real-time updates - so you can react to live situations as quickly as they develop.

We're better together

Seamless SaaS integration

SentienceAI is built with SaaS integration at its core. Synthetix services can easily implement deep and seamless connectivity with other cloud-based, API-driven services allowing Synthetix to deliver personalised conversational experiences every time. Typical integrations include to popular CRMs, identity providers, analytics services, marketing automation platforms and text analytics services.

Surpass expectations

Proven benefits

SentienceAI brings the proven power and excellence of Synthetix Natural Language Understanding to life in our suite of integrated, intuitive customer service applications. Empower your business to connect and engage with your customers, deliver consistent, relevant and quick answers to queries and drive contact centre efficiency with the Synthetix SentienceAI state-of-the-art cloud platform refined alongside years of research and insight into customer behaviour and psychology.


Average customer satisfaction score and above maintained by Synthetix clients.


At the least, first-time customer service resolution rate reported by Synthetix clients.


Reduction of emails enquiries received by Synthetix clients.

Support customers across multiple channels and devices

Agent Knowledge

SentienceAI drives internal knowledge-bases and agent desktops, putting relevant knowledge instantly in the hands of agents and employees.

Cloud Integrations

SentienceAI integrates with other cloud-based SaaS applications, such as your CRM, to offer data exchange for more powerful, personalised bot conversations.


SentienceAI is the cognitive intelligence behind chatbots, enabling sophisticated, dialogue-based customer service with automated Virtual Agents.


SentienceAI adds seamless predictive suggestions to messaging channels, improving customer response times and increasing first contact resolution.


Add bot conversations and FAQs to social channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Twitter, using SentienceAI to drive sophisticated customer interactions.


Synthetix is also available as a RESTful API platform, so developers can easily add SentienceAI knowledge-base and intent features to their own apps.


SentienceAI powers Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home for seamless bot conversations delivered via one centralised knowledge-base.


SentienceAI empowers customers to self-serve answers to their questions via an intelligent knowledge-base, reducing unnecessary call and email volumes.

The Customer Service platform that delivers amazing ROI

Synthetix delivers huge productivity gains and ROI for both enterprise and SMEs. We could do the same for you. Just estimate the number of monthly visitors that your website receives and type the figure into the calculator below to view the kind of savings Synthetix could generate for you within days.

...visitors could give you totals of:*


Self-service sessions per month


Deflected contacts per month


Agent hours saved per month


Monetary saving per month

* These estimates are based on actual, average Synthetix self-service client metrics of a 5% usage rate, 50% contact deflection rate and 15 minute average handling time for contacts by email or telephone at a rate of £18.40 per hour. Your stats may differ. Hourly rate source: Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide 2017, Contact Babel.

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