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Automated and agent-assisted CX channels.

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Boost Agent Efficiency by Up To 20%

Equip your team with the tools to better serve your customers, boosting standards of service and increasing efficiency by up to 20%.

Improve CSAT Scores By 12%

Boost Customer Satisfaction scores by an average of 12%.

For Your Teams

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Create CX Journeys with No-Code Tools

Put your CX tools in the hands of your CX teams. Synthetix products are built with 'low code/ no code' technologies, not requiring teams of developers to use.

For Your Customers

Multichannel Contact Support

Allow your customers to contact you from whatever platform they wish. Synthetix integration with all major social media platforms supports multichannel engagement from one agent console.

The Channel That Customers Prefer

79% of customers prefer agent-assisted and automated channels to traditional phone support.

Offer 24/7 Support

Problems do not wait for office hours. Support your customers 24/7 with AI-powered self-service tools.

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Why Choose Synthetix?

When you work with Synthetix, you’re collaborating with one of the world’s most experienced online CX implementation teams,
not just licensing a technology platform. Here’s how we can help guarantee success:

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Let's Build a Business Case

Our account managers will design a personalised business case for your organisation, detailing the return on investment and cost of ownership you can expect with Synthetix.  Our clients have saved millions of pounds – let us show you how.

We Deliver for You

Sign off on your business case, and Synthetix will bespokely configure your products and deliver all the training required to get you and your team productive quickly. Need integrations or assistance building your knowledge base or agent scripts?  Our customer success team can do as much or as little as you require to optimise Synthetix for your specific use case.

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Let's go Live

With over 200 deployments across every sector, we know that a successful launch is critical to your organisation. Integrate our services with just one line of code you focus on supporting your delighted customers!  Got a question?  Our support team is there to make sure things go smoothly.

We're Here to Help

Customer service is always evolving – and your Synthetix instance will, too.  As a Synthetix customer, you can expect regular account management, software updates with exciting new features, and support that’s only a few clicks away.  Working with us gives you exclusive access to an ever-evolving ecosystem of customer service tools – and all of the knowledge and expertise required to deploy them successfully to support your customers.

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Don't Just Take Our Word for It

We’re the top choice for some of the world’s leading Enterprise brands, revolutionising online customer service one deployment at a time. Here’s what our customers say about us… 

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