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AI-Powered Customer Service

Xan is much more than a Chatbot. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), Xan understands the intent behind your users queries and converses with them as a representative of your brand. Built on an AI-powered infrastructure, Xan learns from every customer interaction, resolving customer queries in a frictionless manner that improves CX over time. Harness the power of conversational AI to boost lead generation, online revenue and CSAT scores. Xan seamlessly integrates with your CRM and organisational middleware to deliver personal, account-specific customer journeys that will resolve issues without agent involvement.

Powered by Conversational AI

Your customers deserve a personalised and informed experience when they interact with your brand. Xan achieves this through unparalleled Natural Language Processing (NLP) and intentbased reasoning. 

You talk to Xan as you would to a human agent. Xan then exercises predictive skills, understanding context, analysing intent and making use of your organisation’s data to present your customers with highly relevant and dynamic solutions to their query. 

Natural Language Processing

Xan processes natural human speech with four layers of sophisticated, real-time linguistic search technology. These multiple approaches are blended sequentially, giving the system the ability to uniquely derive meaning from user queries, ensuring the best and most popular search results appear first and fast.  Customers, who are provided with relevant answers, no longer need to reach out to the contact centre, reducing agent time and costs. 

A image to demonstrate the 4 layers of search intent that is used by Natural Language Processing at Synthetix.

Keywords – Dissection of individual keywords are matched against thousands of question-answer pairs. 

Intent – Pattern recognition from previous user queries and syntactic cues.

Grammar – Analysis of the structural implications of the user’s speech pattern.

Popularity – Frequently used successful answers gain preference over others.

Drive Massive Financial Efficiencies into
Your Contact Centre


of Routine Queries Handled

Powered by AI and harnessing Natural Language Processing (NLP), Xan independently handles 20% of customer queries online. This significantly decreases the contact volume that would otherwise reach the contact centre, resulting in a massive cost saving in terms of agent hours, considerably reducing operational costs.

Seamless Integrations and Escalations

Seamlessly integrate with almost any CRM system and deploy Xan across contact channels such as, the web, social channels, and the contact centre. Xan is backed by a powerful knowledge management system to give channel-specific answers (for instance, shorter answers on mobile devices) or to escalate complex tasks to agent-assisted channels.  

An image to show that Xan is configurable to offer a seamless escalation to Chat

1. Live Chat

Xan offers a seamless escalation to Chat without leaving the interface. This escalation can be configured to trigger if Xan is unable to resolve a complex query. 

An image to show that customers can be pre-qualified with a short conversation with Xan

2. Call Centre

Xan is a lead generation tool for many organisations. Customers can be pre-qualified with a short conversation with Xan, then offered a direct line to your live agents for processing. 

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