Knowledge For your Team

Knowledge: For Your Team

Intuitive, intelligent knowledge base and agent scripting

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Search results

Learning from every interaction, our NLP algorithm uses user intent to retrieve the most relevant search results, every time.


Users can add frequently used articles to their personal favourites. This assists with training, increases productivity, and helps agents specialise.


Users can open multiple knowledge articles in different tabs, assisting with multitasking.


Agents can flag articles for review by a manager, boosting knowledge base health without scheduled audits.

Empower Your Agents

Turn any contact centre agent into a seasoned expert. The more your support staff know about your products and/or services, the faster and easier they can support customers. Synthetix’s AI-powered Knowledge Base software can help slash agent training times and dramatically reduce your average cost per call. Our platform allows agents to create, manage, search, and share information through a user-friendly agent desktop or web interface to resolve customer queries accurately and quickly.

Purpose-Built for The Contact Centre

Instant Access to

Knowledge utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) to quickly understand the search intent behind queries, returning the correct answer efficiently. 

Consistency of

Align messaging across multiple teams. As all knowledge is centralised, customers receive consistent information regardless of the channel, this helps to avoid repeat contact.

Supercharge training and Upskilling

Built on years of accumulated company knowledge, a single NLP-powered knowledge base is like a personal tutor for every new employee, reducing training and upskilling times.

Cut Average Handling Times (AHT) By 25%


Handling time is the full amount of time it takes to handle a customer enquiry. This includes call initiation, queue time, talk time, the time it takes for the agent to handle the request, resolution, and post-call notes. 

The time it takes for the agent to handle the request is often the longest part of this process. The customer is put on hold while the agent pours through legacy systems, potentially waiting for the availability of a supervisor as part of the process. This is open to huge efficiency gains. 

With Synthetix Knowledge, all the information is available to the agent as they are speaking to the customer. Our intent–based search functionality means the agent can quickly access key information mid-callsignificantly cutting Average Handling Times (AHT) and therefore reducing contact centre costsAs our knowledge base is curated and managed centrally, the accuracy of the information ensures the customer does not have to make multiple calls to resolve their issue.  

Decision Trees and Agent Scripting

Decision Trees are the unsung heroes of contact centres – by providing agent scripting and a means to problem solving – agent efficiency skyrockets. Decision Trees immediately upskill your newest agent into your most experienced problem solver, allowing managers to build interactive decision trees that agents can follow when talking to your customers. Our flowchart-like approach to agent scripting ensures consistency of information, cuts average handling time (AHT) and boosts First Contact Resolution (FCR).  

  • Create beautiful customer journeys in seconds
  • Significantly boost agent success rates
  • Reap significant savings with fewer supervisor escalations​ 

Boost CSAT Scores By 12%

Reducing the time in which it takes to handle a customer’s query allows your agents to invest more time into customer satisfaction without an increased cost. Phone queue times drop and First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates sharply increase, resulting in huge cost savings. 

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Onboard Agents in Hours, Not Days

When new colleagues are introduced to our teams, there is a significant time investment to get them to full proficiency, it is more than simply onboarding and training. With Synthetix Knowledge, users don’t have to know an answer to a query or process, only to know how to find that information. With Synthetix, finding that information could not be simpler. Using our Decision Tree technology, new members of the team have the same level of proficiency as your most seasoned employees. On average, our clients have seen a 30% reduction in agent training times. 

An image to indicate the different in training times using Synthetix Vs not using Synthetix

A Single Source of Truth

Using one core knowledge base is the key to a cohesive CX strategy. It ensures information across your entire organisation, from your retail stores to your website and contact centre is entirely consistent. 

Tearing Down 'Knowledge Silos'

Knowledge Silos occur when information in your organisation is stored in disconnected systems. They create barriers between your agents and the information they need to communicate with your customers, leading to inconsistent messaging and frequent knowledge loss.  

This issue has its roots in multi-team psychology. On a small scale, silos appear relatively innocuous, but as you scale up your organisation, the impact on team efficiency is devastating.  

This is ultimately a structural problem and can be addressed with a comprehensive knowledge base. With Synthetix Knowledge, you can collate information spread across multiple systems and individuals into one centralised hub, massively boosting agent efficiency.  

Analytics Suite

Search Result

Pull insights on the top-level effectiveness of your knowledge articles, revealing how effective the knowledge base is in assisting your users.  

Operator’s Summary

Introduce gamification to your team, highlighting your most active users and the content they found the most helpful. 

Top Articles

Gain insight into how your team is interacting with the tool and fill any holes in the knowledge base.   

An image showing Search Results Metrics in Knowledge for your Team
An image that shows Knowledge Base analytics
An image that shows Knowledge Base analytics

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