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Considered a staple of the contact centre by many, live chat is significantly cheaper to operate compared to traditional agent-assisted methods such as telephony; companies have reported a 55% decrease in phone call costs by introducing live chat.
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So how exactly can the deployment of live chat software have such an impact on contact centre costs? Here we explore live chat’s position within the contact centre and how the tool’s foundations are built with efficiency in mind. 

The Power Of Live Chat In The Contact Centre 

With customer preference fast shifting to live chat, the agent-assisted channel plays an essential and valuable role within the contact centre. 

Live chat includes features that promote contact centre efficiency, reduce Average Handling Times (AHT) and the costs associated with query handling, resulting in significant cost savings. These functions include: 

As customers’ preferred channel, live chat contributes to CX whilst reducing contact centre costs. 

Simultaneous Chat Slots  

Unlike telephony which only allows agents to deal with one customer at a time, live chat enables simultaneous chat slots, allowing agents to handle multiple customers at once. These chat slots and the number you choose to assign to particular agents can be easily configured within the platform’s admin section. 

Working with up to three simultaneous chats slots helps agents work more efficiently, increasing the rate at which they resolve queries and therefore reducing handling costs. 

AI-Predictive Suggestions And Live Key-Press 

When live chat connects frictionlessly with the AI-powered knowledge base, agents benefit from features that contribute to significant contact centre efficiency. 

AI-predictive suggestions utilise powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) to recommend, in real-time the most relevant knowledge articles to agents whilst they are communicating with customers. 

When a customer starts typing their query, not only do agents have access to a live key-press feed where they can preview what is being typed before the customer hits “send”, but AI-predictive suggestions take place. 

NLP absorbs what is being typed by the customer on each key-press, looking for keywords, intent, grammar and popularity, analysing each to match with potential articles within the knowledge base.  

These recommendations are refreshed on each key-press and strive to produce the most relevant results where agents can either click to copy directly into the chat or click to open – significantly reducing handling times and therefore support costs. 

Chat Assignment Based On Clients 

When operating a multi-tenant contact centre, it is paramount that each of your clients’ audiences are effectively dealt with. So how can you assure that customers that reach the contact centre via live chat are assigned agents with the relevant skills? 

Synthetix Chat utilises custom triggers that assign specific agents to customers based on their online journey. For instance, the trigger will read that a customer has visited from company X and will therefore be connected with an agent that specialises in company X. 

Once an appropriate agent has received the chat, they can seamlessly toggle to the knowledge base view that is relevant to this customer. 

Synthetix’s knowledge base, Knowledge: For Your Team allows editors to create multiple views. These views contain sets of knowledge articles that are appropriate for a given audience. For instance, if your contact centre supported Company A, Company B and Company C, Synthetix’s knowledge base would contain all of these as separate views that agents could toggle between when necessary. 

Chatbot To Live Chat Escalation 

Our customer service chatbot solution, Xan utilises AI along with configurable custom triggers to automatically detect when a query is too complex for AI alone to resolve and will therefore require agent assistance.  

In this situation, the customer is smoothly escalated, within the same window, to a live chat agent where their query can be better handled. As a result of which, chatbot escalations make up a significant proportion of live chat inbound sessions. 

Enabling 3rd Party Integrations 

Integrating your everyday contact centre tools such as your CRM, Identification & Verification (ID&V) and payments with live chat expands functionality, streamlines processes and increases operational efficiency.  

Synthetix’s open RESTful APIs and Zapier integrations mean that data can be shared across live chat and your favourite 3rd party applications. 


Integrating your CRM with Synthetix’s Chat automates processes, saving manual data entry and therefore time. It also helps to increase the accuracy of information. 

The integration pulls customer information into the Chat console so that agents have access to extra data such as contact info, previous communication and order history. This encourages First Contact Resolution (FCR) and speeds up the query handling process. 

Alternatively, agents can update the CRM from the Chat console, updating contact info, adding contacts to automations or sending them newsletters.  

Identification & Verification (ID&V) 

Integrating live chat with Identification & Verification (ID&V) technology allows the process to be fully automated, removing the need for customers to call into the contact centre to verify their identity – a cumbersome and time-heavy task. 

By introducing this integration into the contact centre, handling times are significantly reduced as well as the accumulated costs associated with traditionally handling ID&V, bringing overall contact centre costs down. 


Synthetix’s live chat integrates with payment providers to deliver PCI compliance whilst automating the payment process for your clients’ customers. Not only does this reduce handling time but customers feel more secure giving their details over a trusted app rather than over the phone. 

When dealing with a payment, the agent simply gives the payment app permission to take the appropriate details. The agent cannot see what is being entered, only whether the payment has been successful or not, providing PCI compliance. 

Final Thoughts 

Whilst telephony will perhaps always be some customers’ preferred form of contact and therefore play a key role within the contact centre, live chat has much to offer, complimenting the contact centre. 

With the preference for live chat growing, it contributes significantly to agent efficiency and reductions in query handling – all of which impact the contact centre’s bottom line positively resulting in huge cost savings. 

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