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Synthetix is a leader in multi-channel, online customer service. We have worked with many of the world’s best known brands, transforming their online customer experiences using our web self-service and contact centre technologies.

A complete suite of attractive, integrated customer contact tools

Refine your online customer service into exceptional customer experiences with the suite of our unique online customer contact tools with comprehensive reporting, analytics and editorial control.

Self-Service Cloud

A natively developed suite of self-service digital channels within a single customer experience platform. Proactively present customers with the information they need at each stage of their online journey.


Contact Centre Cloud

Scalable and reliable cloud-based, customer service contact centre technology without the need for labour intensive IT interference, which helps deliver value at every user interaction.


The power behind leading brands

Since 2001, Synthetix has helped to deliver great online customer service experiences for many of the world’s best-known brands.

All Synthetix services are cloud first and Software as a Service (SaaS), delivering customer service solutions to all customer touchpoints across both public and private sectors.

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Deliver great integrated Customer Experiences with our APIs

Join our development community and build incredible powerful online customer service applications using our comprehensive RESTful APIs for natural language knowledge querying and live chat.

Whether you are building an integrated FAQ system, a native mobile application, adding real-time FAQ matching to a CRM package such as Salesforce or building a unique chat tool to communicate with customers, our SYNAPPS APIs will accelerate the process, turning months of work into days.

See the Pen API Server Call by Synthetix (@synthetix) on CodePen.


You're in safe hands

We've built a world-class architecture in the cloud, designed for extreme scalability and resilience. We partner with Amazon AWS - the world's leading cloud provider, to globally offer a secure, high-performance, load-balanced architecture.

With end-to-end HTTPS, IP restrictions - Synthetix is the only online customer service vendor to have been awarded both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001:2013 certification. Our comprehensive accreditation to these internationally accepted standards demonstrates our dedication to delivering quality in everything we do and to keeping your data safe.

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A guide for serving customers seamlessly and effectively through all channels. explore

Creating Thrilling Omni-channel Customer Experiences - Leeds, 2 November 2016 -

Join like-minded Customer Experience Advocates at the spine chilling venue to set the scene, where thought leaders will share tricks and treats on how to create thrilling online customer service experiences.


Latest blog posts from Synthetix

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Merry Christmas

Already, Really?

Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach Wednesday 7th September 2016

Merry Christmas

Before you ask, no, I don’t have sunstroke. Each year, somehow, at the start of Autumn, most of us think, ‘Where has the year gone?’ Everywhere we go, marketing efforts for the next big seasonal holiday or seasonal event, has us questioning if the earth might be spinning slightly faster these days.

And in this madness, marketing appears to snowball once competitors catch wind of efforts to be the first to alert customers to the fact that we only have 110 days left to shop before Christmas. (Yes, really)

However, today’s customer is complicated. Technology has not only changed the way we receive marketing messages, but how we communicate, shop, complain, live.

Supercomputers in our pockets, smartphones, not only have more than 30 percent of the UK adults using it within five minutes of waking, but according to MEF research, 14 percent of smartphone users shop on their device whilst watching TV. M-commerce sales – purchases on tablets and smartphones – grew by 57 percent between June 2014 and June 2015 according to IMRG Capgemini e-Retail’s Sales Index.

And when customers brave the crowds to shop in-store, powerful wi-fi connectivity and 4G networks within modern day malls ensure smartphone users can browse retailers’ websites, book click-and-collect pick-ups, price-compare with ease while they shop.

But consumers don’t want to feel like just another bauble on a Christmas tree. They want personal, sparkly, connected experiences regardless of channel. The best designed website in the world will mean nothing if customers can’t find knowledgeable answers to questions they might have about products, delivery or support.

So how do you find the ideal mix of service channels for your customers?

Many organisations have gone digital in a bid to satisfy customer expectations for ‘always there’ real-time service, but many still struggle to turn multi-channel customer service into sophisticated and effective omni-channel service delivery.

No brand gets worshipped by accident – there is a lot of work that goes into wooing and retaining customers. Organisations that can deliver a customer focused culture over a sustained period will surely outperform their competitors over the longer term.

Amazon appears to have nailed the core element of retail. Comprising of three prickly areas: simple ­checkout and paying without queuing; searching and finding products in one place online; and getting assistance.

Identifying the ideal mix of live service, self-service and proactive service is challenging, but having the right technology to support customer experience efforts could be key to breaking the silos between channels, e.g. having an integrated knowledge-base across your contact centre and customer facing online channels.

With Halloween the next holiday already occupying precious floor space, we would like to invite you to a customer focussed event about the complexities of today’s customer relationships and how to adjust your service strategy accordingly. 

The keynote by Megan Neale will be followed by smaller table discussions/workshops; giving you the opportunity to debate the specific challenges you’re facing with other like-minded professionals.

Dare to register your seat for this thrilling event in Leeds on 2 November?

More information>>

New Technology Partnership

Set to Accelerate Already Phenomenal Growth

Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach Wednesday 27th July 2016

AUSTIN, TEXAS, July 25, 2016 — Businesses having to deal with peak influxes of customer contact will find the new partnership between Synthetix Ltd. and Trusource Labs LLC, uplifting.  Although both companies are relatively new players in the US, this partnership is set on expanding their already phenomenal global growth.

Austin start-up, Trusource Labs LLC, has grown to 550 employees in just three years with revenues set to reach between $32 million- $34 million this year.

Led by co-founder Alton Martin, this innovative contact center business specializes in empowering technology customers with connected tools to resolve their own tech issues. “Our model is constructed with built-in tools and technology so they don’t need us. If we never take another phone call and customers are happy we win. Customers don’t want to call to solve a problem. They want to solve it themselves,” Martin says.

The integration of Synthetix SaaS technology, with the superior tech support services and corporate help desk solutions from Trusource, is a natural match offering companies a radical departure from traditional customer support and pricing models.

Synthetix Ltd, an innovator in online multi-channel customer service software, believes 'pay per visitor' billing or session pricing is unfair. Its flat-rate price model is not based on how much the knowledge is accessed, but rather the amount of data within a client’s knowledge-base. So there are will never be another unwanted bill during a seasonal spike or unexpected increase in visitor levels.

Alastair Taylor, director at Synthetix says, “Why should companies be penalized during times of trouble? We look forward to seeing this technology-enabled customer engagement partnership deliver customer satisfaction and high Net Promoter Scores without the traditionally high volume-based bill attached to it.”

Will You Get The CX Yes Vote

Multi-channel Online Customer Service

Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach Thursday 30th June 2016

Thursday 23 June was an eventful day in the UK - flooding, train travel nightmares, voting in or out and our customer experience event at London Zoo.

The Omni-channel Online Customer Service | It’s A Jungle Out There was a thought provoking, insightful day spent alongside Customer Experience Advocates and Industry Leaders.

Vinay Parmar, Customer Experience Director at National Express, revealed how the adoption of multi-channel online customer service in the National Express contact centre has impacted on first contact resolution rates, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Mandeep Kwatra, Vice President Global Solutions & CX Strategy Leader for HGS, expressed how Knowledge should be the DNA for companies wanting to excel at delivering multi-channel customer experiences. And during our workshop, it became clear that for many companies, omni-channel customer service is still only an aspiration to work towards to, not yet a reality.

Attendees left with plenty of food for thought and some creepy crawlies too, with enough time to vote, in the now historical, referendum.

With the referendum flooding the airwaves like the British weather, like many we were shocked at the results. Without going into politics, we gather from comments and surveys about the referendum, that Brexit will surely impact on many working within outsourcing and in particular the contact centre industry.

Customer service is an essential part of contact centres, and with uncertain times upon us, delivering exceptional customer experience to customers in channels of their choice, could be challenging for brands and businesses aiming to increase customer satisfaction whilst also reducing their cost-per-serve ratio. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

Unlike the unexpected outcome of the referendum, businesses can prepare themselves for an influx of inbound customer contact by having a clear strategy in place. Most of the time there are smarter approaches than simply employing more agents during busy periods – which is expensive and time consuming to implement effectively. In fact, according to a March 2015 report from Gartner, two-thirds of customer service interactions will not require the support of a human intermediary by the year 2017.

Having a strong self-service strategy can reduce operational costs, drive personalised customer experiences, and increase engagement. Most importantly, having a cohesive knowledge-base across multiple contact channels such as live chat, self-service FAQs and in the contact centre, is essential to deliver fast, consistent and correct answers, ultimately delivering superior user experiences – rapidly allowing users to find what they are looking for.

Self-service as a channel can be accessed 24/7, an RSS feed can push frequently asked questions to be shown first, simple to use and navigate -  as its driven by NLP - and users don’t have to queue to use it. Should a customer require further assistance, channels like live chat or dynamic intelligent web forms could offer additional support.

Self-service certainly gets the ‘yes’ vote from us.  


Why not attend our next Halloween Special event to see first-hand the positive impact this channel has had for our customers?


For the facts, more information and to vote, we mean register, click here, if you dare …