Visual IVR, the self-service enabler

Increase self-service adoption

This webinar will delight you if you’re interested in discovering how to reduce the number of incoming emails to your contact centre agents.

Discover how a leading UK retail brand reduced their emails by 40% by investing in Visual IVR, allowing agents to deal with more complex issues and upsell opportunities.

Visual IVR is a revolutionary self-service tool for enterprise businesses, which makes the best use of self-service content and integrates seamlessly with online customer service channels to:

* Save money by reducing unnecessary inbound customer service enquiries.
* Increase customer satisfaction levels by ensuring the customer gets the answer to the question through the channel they want.
* Increase sales conversion rates by strategically escalating to an agent led conversation when a sales opportunity is detected.
* Drive digital adoption by allowing customers to find everything that they need, instantly online.
* Increase agent efficiency by intelligently structuring and routing emails, greatly increasing AHT and first-time resolution rates.