Communications and IT services giant helps their customers navigate the complexities of today’s converging communications landscape through multi-channel online customer service.

This large UK communications and IT services provider handles the provision and management of local, wide area and mobile networks; contact centre solutions, hosting and IT consultancy with their customer base mainly split into three groups – Enterprises, Businesses and Consumers. With one of the most advanced next generation networks in the UK, they have a clear goal: To deliver a world-class customer experience.

The challenge

As one of the UK’s longest-established communications companies, this company has stayed at the forefront of technology throughout decades adapting to customer expectations with advances in technology. Invested in multi-channel support, this business already offered an in-house
knowledge-base solution
to help answer customer’s technical questions, a
live chat platform
to allow customers to chat to agents in real-time, and a dedicated email address to offer email as an optional support channel.

However, email support often required more information from customers, several back and forth communications which meant that handling times through this channel was much longer than any other channel and with agents burdened, having to retain vast amounts of information, inconsistencies in responses over voice and live chat created frustrating experiences for both
customers and agents.

In 2016, the business therefore decided a shift to a new, more integrated service was needed to ensure consistency between channels, to increase efficiency and to align to their goal of delivering world-class customer experience.

Why Synthetix?

After investigating several vendors, the unrivalled balance between customer and contact agent features, agility in the delivery of a cloud customer support solution and the praises from clients about their multi-channel online customer service
experience had this communications giant assign Synthetix the business.

From the outset, it was clear that the integration of knowledge with live chat and
intelligent web forms, would offer both customers and contact centre agents access to fast, consistent, and correct answers.

Knowledge at the heart of this business

The Synthetix Knowledge-base is simple and fast to use, guiding agents to offer further information with a set of helpful tools to aid them during conversations, live chat, and/or email. This ensures consistent, accurate and timely answers, every time.The knowledge-base is a powerful tool with additional improvements made through the customer and agent feedback system.

The comprehensive analytical system reports on how different contact centre operatives use data within the Knowledge-base to show what customers are asking over the phone, email or live chat as this often differs from online questions and topics of
most interest.

Intelligent Web Form

Investing in an Intelligent Web Form has seen this communications provider report a 9% increase in in customers finding the answer they were looking for. The Intelligent Web Form adapts to customers’ choices and integrates with knowledge and live
chat. By offering relevant answers at each stage of the form, this business has seen a drastic deflection in customer emails.

This is particularly impressive because Synthetix tools are supporting enquiries across this comms provider’s full range of products, services and enquiries, whereas the old platform was just technical help.

Beacuse the Intelligent Web Form is strategically integrated with live chat, it offers customers multiple contact options. And although some customers still prefer to send an email, the dynamic design of the web form system, ensures that customers provide all the data needed, which has had a significant effect on increasing first contact resolution rates.

Live Chat

The business reports live chat as being a very effective customer service channel. Synthetix Live Chat is offered proactively on the website, automatically triggered at points where it will make a difference, using analytics to determine where chat invitations are having the greatest positive impact on customer behaviour.

Synthetix Live Chat also aggregates live key stroke presses, which helps agents to anticipate the nature of a query, before the customer submits a question.

Daily reports asking customers how easy it was to get the help they needed across all contact channels, has nearly 80% of their customer score Live Chat as the preffered support channel.

Although live chat is a very popular customer service channel, the effectiveness of the multi-channel system from Synthetix has allowed more customers to self-serve without the need to escalate to live chat leading to an 80% drop in the amount of chats.

The Operations Manager at this communications giant was impressed with the ease of implementation of the Synthetix knowledge-base for both customers and contact centre agents, live chat and intelligent web forms, saying *“It was very easy, everything I wanted and needed Synthetix was able to deliver.”*

Future plans

Since implementing the integrated online customer service tools from Synthetix, this business reports a positive buzz in agent user experiences in their contact centre. In fact, they have revealed that they find Synthetix to be flexible, easy to work with, considerate of client needs and committed to fulfilling their brief.

And determined to deliver world class customer experiences, Synthetix multi-channel online customer service solutions will play a key role to ensure consistent and accurate information is available via every customer touch-point for this communications and IT service giant.

This combination of several Synthetix services makes it one of the most successful and compelling web self-services tools currently available, resulting in greatly enhanced customer experiences for this comms business.

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