A comprehensive AI-powered knowledge solution prepares insurer for unexpected increases in enquiries leading to significant cost savings and an increase in efficiency.

Offering insurance products to almost two million drivers, home owners, pet owners and holiday makers across the UK, this well-known insurer, split into two brands with very different target audiences, invested in a Synthetix AI-powered knowledge-base to enable customers to find answers to frequently asked questions on their websites.


Although the insurer invested in one knowledge-base, it services two brands with some common knowledge and with some content specific to each brand, which is a cost saving in itself.

Displayed in a light box fashion in keeping with each brand’s colours, logo and guidelines, customers can type or find answers using natural text search or from the most popular questions using the web self-service tool. The most popular questions are displayed as soon as a customer starts typing into the search box, and the analytics of questions asked, offer their contact centre valuable insight.

Deliver consistent, high-quality support 24/7, and easily manage multiple brand identities from within the same knowledge-base. A built-in ‘view’ system controls access to knowledge for each brand identity and skill enables the insurer to easily manage the multiple brand identities from within the same knowledge-base and easily update, edit or remove information as required.

While many organisations ask for customer feedback, to determine if customers using dynamic search found the answer given helpful, Synthetix has taken feedback one step further with this insurer. Customers are not only asked if their question was answered, but if it saved them a phone call. This has allowed the Insurer a clear view of the return on their AI-powered FAQ investment.

This insurer reports that when customers using the FAQ tool, are asked for feedback, on average 8,000 of 20,000 customers respond.

Recent figures show:

  • 76% of the respondents said it answered their question.
  •  75% of these respondents said it not only answered their question, but saved them a phone call.


  • 8000 x customers gave feedback
  • 6000 x said it answered their question
  • 4500 x said it saved them a phone call


This Insurer saves at least *£80 000 per year equating to between 4 and 6 members of staff.

Based on average cost of a phone call estimated to be £3, assuming the average of 2 mins per call.

Future plans

Since implementing the integrated online customer service tools from Synthetix, this business not only reports a positive buzz in agent user experiences in their contact centre, but the ROI of investing in this type of technology has this insurer looking to extend their multi-channel offering with more cutting-edge Synthetix SaaS.

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