Knowledge-base software for the contact centre

Knowledge is power

Turn any call centre agent into a seasoned expert. The more your support staff know about your products and/or services, the faster and easier they can support customers. Synthetix AI-powered knowledge-base software can help slash agent training times and dramatically reduce the average cost per call, allowing agents to create, manage, search and share information through a user-friendly agent desktop or web interface to accurately and quickly help resolve customer queries.

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Key features

Purpose built for the contact centre

The AI-driven Synthetix Agent knowledge-base is user-friendly, logical and practical with a full-screen interface. This includes operator capabilities such as note-taking, internal promotional tabs, latest news tabs for quick viewing, and a customisable interface to add or link to internal information.

Superpowered Natural Language Understanding

Our SentienceAI-powered Agent knowledge-base software offers the fastest possible results from operator searches with the database checked on every keypress. Four layers of sophisticated linguistic search technology ensures the best and most popular search results appear first.

Seamless integration, escalation and collaboration

The Synthetix knowledge-base system effortlessly integrates with other Synthetix services, such as Live Chat and Visual IVR, enabling frictionless and efficient escalation to appropriate live contact channels. Internal messaging and agent collaboration features deliver incredible contact centre efficiencies.

Turbo-charge agent efficiency

Proven benefits

Synthetix AI-powered Agent knowledge-base software is so much more than just a rehashed version of a public-facing FAQ system. Our full-screen knowledge-base interface enables faster, more accurate and more consistent answering of customer queries, keeping customers happy but also allowing agents to quickly move to the next enquiry, increasing operational efficiency.

Note: All statistics have been taken from the 2018 report into online customer service by Synthetix or reported by Synthetix clients, unless otherwise stated.


Average drop in customer service call handling times.


Reduction in agent training times.


Increase in agent efficiency with the Agent Knowledge-base suggesting relevant answers, optimising the time and accuracy needed to resolve customer queries.

Powerful metrics

Detailed reports and analytics

Keep track of all your agents’ customer support interactions. Synthetix SentienceAI powered Knowledge-base software provides comprehensive built-in tools for reporting and administration. View where knowledge needs to be enhanced with agent feedback reports. See how different contact centre operatives use data within the Knowledge-base to show what customers are asking over the phone which often differs from online questions and topics of most interest and access real-time authoring tools to empower agents to contribute solution content as they resolve queries.

Increase efficiency, not cost

Synthetix SentienceAI-powered Knowledge-base technology has been designed with both customers and contact centre agents in mind to contribute to user experience, not overall cost. Once live, your customer support agents will have a plethora of knowledge at their fingertips. No more lengthy on-boarding of new customer service agents! And, as we know the answers to most popular questions asked within most industries, we could save you hours in populating your Knowledge-base.

The Customer Service platform that delivers amazing ROI

Synthetix delivers huge productivity gains and ROI for both enterprise and SMEs. We could do the same for you. Just estimate the number of monthly visitors that your website receives and type the figure into the calculator below to view the kind of savings Synthetix could generate for you within days.

...visitors could give you totals of:*


Self-service sessions per month


Deflected contacts per month


Agent hours saved per month


Monetary saving per month

* These estimates are based on actual, average Synthetix self-service client metrics of a 5% usage rate, 50% contact deflection rate and 15 minute average handling time for contacts by email or telephone at a rate of £18.40 per hour. Your stats may differ. Hourly rate source: Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide 2017, Contact Babel.

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