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Generate leads, increase sales and optimise agent efficiency

The new paradigm in customer engagement, a Synthetix FAQ Chatbot, or Virtual Agent, can generate new revenues as well as resolve customer queries. Our AI-powered chatbot technology doesn't wait until your customers want to contact you – it offers help and assistance from the moment they interact with your brand, qualifying them based on their needs, working with your CRM to personalise their experience, creating leads and tactically escalating them to the most appropriate contact channel.

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Key features

Unparalleled Natural Language Understanding

Synthetix Virtual Agent software tracks all interactions across channels, exercising predictive skills, understanding context using Natural Language Understanding, analysing intent, and making use of your organisation's data to present your customer with highly relevant dialogue choices.

AI-powered personalisation

Synthetix Virtual Agent software can offer help and assistance from the moment your customers interact with your brand, qualifying them based on their needs, working with your CRM to personalise their experience, creating leads and tactically escalating them to the most appropriate contact channel, should the AI-bot be unable to resolve the customer's query.

Seamless integration and escalation

Seamlessly integrate with most CRM systems and deploy AI chatbot technology across contact channels e.g. the web, social channels, and the contact centre. Our Virtual Agent software is backed by a powerful knowledge management system to give channel-specific answers (e.g. shorter answers on mobile devices), or to escalate complex tasks to agent-assisted channels.

Automated customer service

Proven benefits

AI-powered chatbots are lead-generating machines that will deliver a truly spectacular return on investment. Synthetix are pioneers of Virtual Agent software, having expertly created Virtual Agents for clients such as the BBC, Ford and the London 2012 Olympics, our highly personalised chat-style user interface has been proven to offer exceptional customer support, generate new leads, increase sales and optimise agent efficiency.

Note: All statistics have been taken from the 2018 report into online customer service by Synthetix or reported by Synthetix clients, unless otherwise stated.


Reduction in contact center enquiries with Virtual Agents able to supply answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


Increase in agent efficiency with AI-powered chatbots answering routine questions. ~ Juniper Research


Improvement in response times - cutting resolution from 38 hours to just over 5 minutes for most Tier 1 enquiries.~ Juniper Research

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Powerful metrics

Detailed reports and analytics

Synthetix Virtual Agent DNA includes SentienceAI at the core; an easily trainable conversational system which talks back to customers, understanding their intent and crafting replies which expertly match the tone of voice your brand wants to convey. View and analyse detailed reports of customer interactions with the chatbot easily accessible through a dashboard interface. Analyse and predict where the bot is having the most positive impact or where it lacks knowledge.

Smarter more personalised engagement

Engage your customers with the next generation of self-service; a proactive, personalised chatbot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using your organisation's data to personalise the conversation and intelligently orchestrate the customer's journey, Synthetix Virtual Agent technology is goal-driven, pursuing business objectives during every conversation with your customers and remembering those interactions even months later.

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The Customer Service platform that delivers amazing ROI

Synthetix delivers huge productivity gains and ROI for both enterprise and SMEs. We could do the same for you. Just estimate the number of monthly visitors that your website receives and type the figure into the calculator below to view the kind of savings Synthetix could generate for you within days.

...visitors could give you totals of:*


Self-service sessions per month


Deflected contacts per month


Agent hours saved per month


Monetary saving per month

* These estimates are based on actual, average Synthetix self-service client metrics of a 5% usage rate, 50% contact deflection rate and 15 minute average handling time for contacts by email or telephone at a rate of £18.40 per hour. Your stats may differ. Hourly rate source: Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide 2017, Contact Babel.

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