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Self-service has proven to help deflect customer contact by up to 50%, increase engagement and raise customer satisfaction. Intuitive AI-powered FAQ self-service software from Synthetix offers a fast, relevant and convenient way to help your customers find answers and navigate your FAQ content by typing naturally worded questions, without taking up precious resources from your customer care team.

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Key features

Superior Natural Language Processing

Answer naturally worded customer questions. Four layers of sophisticated, real time linguistic search technology powered by SentienceAI, ensures the best and most popular search results appear first and fast, as our software checks the knowledge-base for possible answers on every customer keypress.

AI-powered learning

Navigate the customer to where you want them to go based on their query. Synthetix intelligent self-service software learns from each customer interaction, updating the knowledge-base with information on the most popular questions asked and the quality of answers given.

Multiple brand identities and languages

Deliver consistent, high-quality support 24/7, and easily manage multiple brand identities from within the same knowledge-base. A built-in ‘view’ system controls access to knowledge for each brand identity and skill.

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Proven benefits

Synthetix AI-powered FAQ software, when used strategically, is invaluable, from reducing the burden on customer support to assisting with inbound contact to your contact centre. A constantly evolving asset, our real-world results highlights some of the benefits our clients have reported using Synthetix FAQ software.

Note: All statistics have been taken from the 2018 report into online customer service by Synthetix or reported by Synthetix clients, unless otherwise stated.


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Of consumers will always check a website before e-mailing or calling a company to find information.


web self-service software fact

Of consumers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative.


self-service software statistic

Of customer contact deflected through self-service.

Self-Service Software Performance Analysis

Powerful metrics

Detailed reports and analytics

A user-friendly dashboard with easy to run, built-in reports let you know what users are looking for and if they're finding the right answers. Expose gaps within content and identify areas where new knowledge-base articles can be created or edited. And with support for SEO tags within articles, information can be published to search engines to drive traffic.

Help your customers help themselves

Synthetix AI-powered FAQ software is used by many different industries, from Utilities to Financial Services, which means we have a huge amount of data, ready-made knowledge-bases, populated with the top frequently asked questions, for a vast variety of sectors. We work with you to fine-tune the knowledge-base to your specific needs, ensuring that your customers are getting the right answers, every time.

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The Customer Service platform that delivers amazing ROI

Synthetix delivers huge productivity gains and ROI for both enterprise and SMEs. We could do the same for you. Just estimate the number of monthly visitors that your website receives and type the figure into the calculator below to view the kind of savings Synthetix could generate for you within days.

...visitors could give you totals of:*


Self-service sessions per month


Deflected contacts per month


Agent hours saved per month


Monetary saving per month

* These estimates are based on actual, average Synthetix self-service client metrics of a 5% usage rate, 50% contact deflection rate and 15 minute average handling time for contacts by email or telephone at a rate of £18.40 per hour. Your stats may differ. Hourly rate source: Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide 2017, Contact Babel.

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