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Knowledge: For Your Team

Intuitive, intelligent knowledge base and agent scripting

Turn any centre agent into a seasoned expert. The more your support staff know about your products and/or services, the faster and easier they can support customers

Synthetix’s AI-powered Knowledge Base software can help slash agent training times and dramatically reduce your average cost per call. Our platform allows agents to create, manage, search, and share information through a user-friendly agent desktop or web interface to resolve customer queries accurately and quickly.


Knowledge: For Your Customers

SEO-Optimised Help Centre and Knowledge Widget, Powered by Natural Language

Knowledge is your company’s most valuable asset. Our intelligent searchable Knowledge Base can harness that asset, empowering your customers to self-serve answers to their questions instantly. 

Built with customer experience in mind, Knowledge from Synthetix uses AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand intent, offering your users accurate and targeted results. Built on machine learning principles, the Knowledge Base learns from every interaction, adapting and optimising over time. 



The Chatbot Virtual Assistant that Integrates Seamlessly with Your Team, Processes and Knowledge

Xan is much more than a Chatbot. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), Xan understands the intent behind your users queries and converses with them as a representative of your brand. Built on an AI-powered infrastructure, Xan learns from every customer interaction, resolving customer queries in a frictionless manner that improves CX over time. Harness the power of conversational AI to boost lead generation, online revenue and CSAT scores. Xan seamlessly integrates with your CRM and organisational middleware to deliver personal, account specific customer journeys that will resolve issues without agent involvement.

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Live Chat and Multichannel Messaging with Real-time Predictive Answer Suggestions


Engage personally with your customers, generating new revenues and boosting CSAT scores. With a live keypress feed, ID&V (Identification & Verification) integrations, concurrent chats and AI-powered predictive suggestions, Synthetix Chat reduces averages handling times by up to 50% compared to standard live chat.  

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