Web Self-Service For CX


Reduce Operational Costs

A myriad of accumulated costs associated with query handling is significantly reduced when Synthetix’s Web Self-service tools are included in your customer service offering. 

Built on AI and capable of independently handling 20% of queries online, Web Self-Service reduces the contact volume that would otherwise reach your contact centre. 

The result of which is a significant reduction in contact centre costs and overheads. 

The SEO Knowledge Base

Let your customers find your help articles directly from a search engine result, refining and optimising their online journeys. 

Synthetix seamlessly translates your knowledge articles into SEO-friendly, crawlable pages that are optimised to appear in search engine results. 

Boost brand visibility and enhance customer experience with our SEO Knowledge Base. 

Boost CSAT Ratings

Synthetix’s Web Self-Service tools are built using AI, harnessing powerful Natural Language Processing.  

By unravelling each customer query and analysing keywords, intent, grammar and popularity it can understand the content. This results in relevant results delivered every time. 

Web Self-Service’s capability to automate large volumes of customer queries helps to free up agent bandwidth, resulting in not only a reduction in wait times but an increase in CSAT. 

An image that shows agent satisfaction.

Deliver CX Excellence

Not only does Synthetix provide great accessibility for users with the option to use a widget or full-screen version of Web Self-Service, but it provides smooth escalation. 

If a query is complex by nature and requires human understanding, tools automatically escalate to our Live Chat system via the same window or to an agent via telephony. 

Integration between Web Self-Service and your everyday business tools is made easy using open RESTful APIs. Enable data sharing between customer service tools and your CRM, for example, for operational efficiency. 


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