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Reduce Operational Costs

  • Let your Web Self-Service tool handle 20% of online queries 

  • With significant volumes of routine questions and tasks automated online, far fewer require human processing 

  • This results in huge contact centre cost savings that would otherwise be associated with query handling 

The SEO Knowledge Base

  • Let your customers find your help articles directly from search engine results 

  • Boost your search engine visibility using the SEO knowledge base that translates your articles into searchable, crawlable pages 

  • Refine and optimise the user journey 
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Boost CSAT Ratings

  • Harnessing powerful Natural Language Processing, your Web Self-Service tools always deliver the most relevant results for optimal CX 

  • With large volumes of routine queries dealt with online, far fewer reach the contact centre, giving agents greater bandwidth to help those with complex issues 

  • It significantly reduces wait times, positively impacting CSAT 
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Deliver CX Excellence

  • Choose between widget or full-screen mode to suit the needs of every website visitor 

  • Allow Web Self-Service to automatically escalate to Live Chat or an agent when a query is too complex 

  • Built using open RESTful APIs, connect Web Self-Service tools with your vital business tools such as your CRM 

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