Knowledge Everywhere!

The Intelligent Knowledge Base

A knowledge base that powers your self-service tools and agent interfaces. 

Let your customers solve their own queries and reduce contact levels with AI-powered FAQs, whilst equipping agents with the same library rich with knowledge. 

Demo Your Intelligent Knowledge Base

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With Synthetix Knowledge you can experience:

  • Significant Contact Reduction
  • Improved Average Handling Times
  • Better First Contact Resolution Rates
  • Enhanced CX
  • Increased CSAT Ratings
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Reduce Contact Centre Costs with Query Automation

Powered by one centralised source of knowledge, your FAQ self-service tools reduce contact volume that would otherwise reach the contact centre, bringing costs down considerably.  

With the capability to handle 20% of routine queries online, not only can your customers help themselves, but costs associated with query handling in the contact centre are reduced. 

An images to represent the 4 layers of Natural Language Processing: search keywords, intent, grammar and popularity.

Enhance CX, User Journeys and CSAT Ratings

Your customers, leads and prospects want to find answers to their questions and resolutions to their issues fast. They don’t want to engage with multiple channels to then be put on hold.

Synthetix’s Knowledge utilises sophisticated Natural Language Processing that unpicks queries, analysing each component to understand intent. This produces the very best and relevant results for users. 

Improve Average Handling Times and Employee Satisfaction

Your agents have access to an extensive pool of knowledge, right at their fingertips and integrated with important business tools. 

With features such as an integrated knowledge base and AI-powered suggestions that recommend articles based on what is being typed on each keypress, Average Handling Times are significantly reduced.