Intelligent Knowledge Base

  • Reduce support costs by 25%
  • Increase CSAT ratings by 12%
  • Decrease Average Handling Times by 25%
  • Reduce staff training by 2.3 days

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Intelligent Knowledge Base

  • An AI-powered centralised knowledge base where all articles are managed, improving efficiency amongst employees and streamlining user journeys.

  • Knowledge articles are easily created and updated to reflect in real-time, ensuring the consistency of information across all platforms.

  • Seamlessly integrate with other customer service and key business tools for the two-way sharing of data.

Reduce Handling Times, Boost Efficiency

  • Purpose-built with the contact centre in mind, the internal knowledge base used by your agents drives huge efficiencies.

  • With sophisticated Natural Language Processing and quick access to a library full of knowledge at their fingertips, agents find resolutions fat to reduce Handling Times.

  • Features such as AI-predictive suggestions recommended agents articles in real-time, refreshing on every key-press.

Smart Agent Scripting

  • Synthetix’s decision tree technology helps create beautiful customer journeys in seconds.

  • The drag-and-drop tool helps upskill your newest agent into a seasoned expert, following pre-configured journeys whilst helping customers.

  • Smart agent scripting, built into your knowledge base cuts Average Handling Times whilst improving First Contact Resolutions.
An image that shows how agent scripting is configured through decision tree technology.

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