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Reduce Contact Centre Costs

There is a multitude of operational costs associated with handling queries in the contact centre.  

Synthetix’s Self -Service tools are built on powerful AI and harness Natural Language Processing in order to understand intent and automate 20% of routine queries online. With significantly less contact volume reaching your contact centre, operational costs considerably drop. 

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Improve CSAT Scores By Up To 12%

Synthetix’s tools are capable of automating a significant volume of routine queries that would otherwise reach the contact centre. This not only reduced wait time but gives agents a greater bandwidth in which they can effectively deal with complex customer issues. 

Combine this with Self-Service tools powered by Natural Language Processing producing accurate and relevant answers and CSAT scores improve by up to 12%  

Boost Agent Efficiency By 20%

Synthetix’s complete customer service platform is fuelled by a powerful knowledge base rich in intuitive articles. Your contact centre and live chat agents have the knowledge base available at their fingertips at all times when dealing with customers. 

Not only does it help to improve First Contact Resolution rates, but its features such as AI-predictive suggestions, working to recommend articles on each keypress, cut Average Handling Times by 25%. 

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Enhance CX And Optimise Journeys

Our multichannel and SEO-optimised tools let your customers access your help articles and agents from a number of channels – whether it’s a search engine result or social media. 

Use our custom triggers to proactively offer help during those critical online touchpoints, enhancing CX and contributing to lead and revenue generation. 

Ensure smooth journeys always with escalation between Self-Service and agent-assisted tools, removing query repetition, reducing the time in which it takes to resolve and query and enhancing CX. 



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