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Reduce Contact Centre Costs

  • Synthetix’s technology is built on AI and harnesses powerful Natural Language Processing

  • Our Self-Service tools automate the online routine queries that would otherwise reach your contact centre

  • By handling up to 20% of routine queries online, the many costs that are associated with handling queries are significantly reduced
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Improve CSAT Scores By Up To 12%

  • With up to 20% of routine queries handled online, agents receive a greater bandwidth in which they can help customers with complex issues 

  • With fewer routine queries reaching the contact centre, wait times are reduced for those who require human assistance, boosting satisfaction 

  • With powerful Natural Language Processing, answers to routine questions are relevant, consistent and accurate. 
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Boost Agent Efficiency By 20%

  • With an intuitive integrated knowledge base at your agents’ fingertips,  First Contact Resolution rates significantly improve 

  • Cut Average Handling Times by 25% built-in features such as AI-predictive suggestions that recommend articles on each keypress 

  • Turn new agents in seasoned experts with agent scripting, fuelled by Decision Tree technology that guides them through routine queries and processes 

Enhance CX And Optimise Journeys

  • Multichannel and SEO-optimised channels mean that customers can find help regardless of where their first touchpoint is 

  • Custom triggers and journeys let you decide the conditions in which a tool should be launched and how it interacts with your users 

  • Seamless escalation between self-service and agent-assisted are available to ensure every user journey is frictionless  
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