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More than just a virtual assistant, our customer service chatbot guides your users through the digital journey, resolving queries, automating processes and conversing in the same way an agent would – but for a fraction of the cost. 

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AI Customer Service

  • Synthetix’s AI-powered customer service chatbot will converse with your users, representing your brand personality to resolve queries.

  • Using sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP), that chatbot can understand user intent, delivering the best results each time.

  • If a query is particularly complex by nature and requires human intelligence, your chatbot seamlessly escalates the user to live chat for great CX.

Optimise User Journeys

  • Configure popular user journeys using our intelligent built-in decision tree technology and automate multi-step processes that would otherwise require agent interception, improving CX.

  • Smart integrations let your customer service chatbot handle tasks such as quotations, ID&V and payments  to reduce agent involvement, bringing support costs down.

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