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  • Handle 20% of routine queries online
  • Reduce support costs
  • Improve CSAT and NPS ratings
  • Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Enhance CX

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Handle Routine Queries With Our FAQ Widget

  • Synthetix’s FAQ widget utilises AI and powerful Natural Language Processing to dissect customer queries, analysing each element to understand intent and return relevant answers.

  • With your FAQ widget, routine queries that would otherwise have ended up being handled by agents in the call centre are automated by AI.

  • This results in a reduction in support costs, especially those associated with query handling.

Boost Brand Viability With SEO Help Centre

  • Be the to answer customers’ queries as early on in their journey as the first search engine result.

  • Synthetix technology translates your knowledge articles into crawlable, searchable web pages, this way your customers’ journeys are streamlined for optimal CX.

  • With control over meta descriptions and titles tags, you can be sure that your articles are ranking for your customers.

Enhance CX And Boost CSAT Ratings

  • Most customers prefer to self-serve if they have the option to do so. Provide them with the tools to do so and immediately CX is improved.

  • When a query is too complex by nature for AI to manage, Synthetix tech seamlessly escalates the user to a live chat agent for a smooth and successful experience.

  • With AI taking care of significant volumes of routine queries, it allows agents greater bandwidth in which they can help more customers with serious and complex issues, contributing to CSAT.
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