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How Synthetix Helped Major Utility Company Significantly Reduce Call Volume And Chat Times

Working together from 2009, our Utility customer continues to provide excellent CX through a blend of Synthetix’s self-service and agent-assisted customer service channels. 

An infographic showing statistics and facts about how synthetix helped a major utility company reduce call volume and chat times.

Company Profile

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Serving 1.4 Million
Homes & Businesses

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customer service

Reducing Calls And Chat Duration Whilst Boosting Customer Satisfaction

The customer experience was streamlined as a result of self-service channels that included multichannel capabilities and smooth escalation to agent-assisted channels – all of which contributed to high customer satisfaction. 

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28% Call
Deflection Rate

By providing customers with the tool to effectively self-serve, of those that used it, the number of phone calls regarding routine queries dropped, resulting in a reduction in contact centre costs.

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Live chat duration was reduced by 16%

Synthetix live chat integrates with Identification & Verification (ID&V) software and harnessed its predictive AI suggestions to reduce chat duration.
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Providing multilingual support, catering to many audiences’ language needs and improving customer satisfaction.

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Customers ranked the overall experience as a 9.2/10

The implementation of self-service software enhances the customer journey, improves CX and helps to maintain good customer satisfaction. 

How would you have contacted us if live chat wasn't available?

The implementation of self-service software enhances the customer journey, improves CX and helps to maintain good customer satisfaction.

A pie chart showing how expensive different call methods are, with phone being the most expensive and then emails

Across the industry, calls and emails can be 6 and 2.5 times as expensive as live chat respectively. As a general rule, prioritising live chat over these channels is a cost saving mechanism. 

Our Journey Together

FAQ Self-Service Tool Launched

Our client chose Synthetix’s self-service software, Knowledge: For Your Customers to help manage customer contact, improve CX and reduce agent-assisted customer service interactions. 

Live Chat And Intelligent Knowledge Base Deployed

In 2012, our Utility client implemented our live chat and internal agent knowledge software to quickly and directly solve customers’ online queries more efficiently than over the phone. 

Multilingual Chatbot Implemented

To help serve their audiences effectively, our client deployed Synthetix’s customer service chatbot, Xan with multilingual capabilities.  

Genesys Contact Centre Software Integration
A wireframe of a major utility company knowledge for your teams Synthetix product

To help better serve its customers through the contact centre, Synthetix integrated our intelligent knowledge base software, Knowledge: For Your Team, with Genesys' contact centre technology. 

A wireframe of a major utility company xan chatbot product

Our Utility client continues to deliver excellent CX through the utilisation of Synthetix’s customer service tools. 

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