The campaign for better service

The politics of creating exceptional customer service

Politicians, representatives of the people, aim to serve their country to prosper economically and ideologically.

Team Synthetix had the honour of meeting Sir Allen Haselhurst, our MP on Monday, 13 February. Not really knowing what to expect, he had a calm and approachable manner. He discussed with Synthetix, the challenges faced by many of the UK’s businesses, especially after the volatile events of 2016 which is set to impact greatly on the future of many businesses.

Interested in exploring the online customer service software solutions that Synthetix develops, how it enhances online customer support, and save our customers time and money we used the Utility industry as an example to explain what we do.

He was impressed that nearly half of all the large UK water companies use online customer service technology from Synthetix and that 6 ranked in the top 10 for customer service in 2016-2017.

Collectively this means our utility clients have 28.62 million customers who might need assistance or answers (and that’s just utilities). We are proud to say that many of these customers’ issues will be resolved using Synthetix web self-service, live chat or intelligent web forms, and even when customers do have to speak to an agent, the Synthetix Agent Knowledge-base will assist agents to answer customer queries with confidence, regardless of the channel they use to contact their utility provider.

If Synthetix were in politics – the highest, rung of dignitaries in a country – we are convinced that our portfolio of brands would vote for our seat in Westminster. We are not just fanatical about our customers, but advocates of the creation of exceptional customer service. Imagine a nation full of happy customers – just putting it out there.

We are so proud of what we have achieved in the last 17 years. In fact, apart from the suite of online customer service tools we have developed up until now, we have been trend setters. We were pioneers of Virtual Agents as a concept, which seems strange with the industry finally catching up to the idea.

We have a personal relationship with each of our customers across a wide range of industries, creating cutting-edge online customer service solutions, leaving the politics up to others.