Synthetix joins forces with Gartner

Having been awarded the status of a ‘Gartner Cool Vendor’ in the past, Synthetix felt it a natural next step to have a tighter partnership with Gartner.

As Gartner equips executives across the enterprise to make the right decisions and stay ahead of change, Synthetix feels that our innovative products and services have the potential to change and affect the way in which enterprises engage with their customers, in a significant way.

As a leading innovator in creating multi-channel online customer service software, Synthetix are also known as one of the pioneers for AI-driven Virtual Agent technology, creating Virtual Agents for companies like the BBC, Vauxhall, and Ford, comparable to Siri, Cortana and Google Now, before they became the norm. We believe our suite of conversational AI customer service tools can assist enterprises in increasing customer loyalty, drive revenue and boost customer lifetime value.

Synthetix are excited to converse with Gartner to share valuable insights, gained through our experience as leaders in developing AI-powered customer service software since 2001.

Peter McKean, CEO at Synthetix said, “Our software has helped many of the world’s most innovative enterprises deliver millions of great customer experiences, all powered by our unique, powerful approach to Conversational AI. We’re excited to take this next step with Gartner, who will assist with taking our client proposition to the next level.”