How will Brexit shape the Customer Experience Economy?

Much like the year of international alarm, feverish preparation, and programming corrections for the Year 2000 (Y2K) bug, 29 March 2019, has many of us questioning what the future might hold.

Reports of relief filled the news media on the dawn on January 2000, when it became apparent that the world’s computer systems didn’t’ send us back to the dark ages. But unlike the variety of different approaches available to solve the Year 2000 problem in legacy systems, the uncertainty of where we’ll be with Brexit next week or next month, has many of us worried. However, one thing is sure; Brexit is creating a tough environment for businesses which thrive on steady commercial conditions and certainty.

As painful or wonderful the Brexit aftermath might turn out to be, there are many lessons to be learned from this historical event. Like customer expectations adopting to advances in technology, Brexit is a powerful reminder that people/customers can and make choices that might surprise you and sometimes themselves; or wishing they had made different decisions.

While times of high-market instability can cause businesses to panic and cut spending on customer engagement initiatives, its time to drive innovation to win, assist and retain customers.

‘Taking back control’

Customer Experience is not a fad, it is expanding in complexity at a rapid pace, and Brexit won’t change that. Pragmatic businesses understand that consistently satisfying customer service is becoming increasingly important as customer expectations are adapting and growing just as rapidly as the channels and technology consumers are now empowered to engage with.

Customers and prospects want businesses to demonstrate that they value and understand them.Executives are quick to see the end-game benefit of a customer-centric strategy: more satisfied customers, increased loyalty, a lower cost to serve, and more engaged employees. But they often fail to understand clearly what a superior customer experience is worth and exactly how it will generate value.

Welcome to the revolution

Unlike the current political chaos, there are smart tools and calculators to assist those of us tasked with measuring and linking digital customer engagement to business growth. Using these tools will assist in building a business case to fund digital customer engagement, secure buy-in, and build momentum.
Access the purpose-built calculators that prove the direct impact on customer expectations, which go far beyond the traditional ROI. Tap into new opportunities and make sensible savings, investing in technology to drive more sales, promote Customer Experience and build strong foundations for the future.