Delivering ‘rockstar’ customer experiences

How to satisfy and delight your customers

Time, what an interesting and both terrifying concept. Rockstar physicists like Einstein and Sean Carroll had some interesting theories about the fabric of time, however time is something we appear to have less of. Time has become a pricey commodity.

Clock watching

No-one likes waiting. Untimely responses to customer queries are one of the hallmarks of poor customer service and precious time wasted.

It’s no surprise that respondents in a recent study by CMO Council /SAP Hybris showed that speedy and accurate responses was considered the most important attribute of customer experiences.


We can’t hand you the keys to the DeLorean that offer second chances on improving bad customer experiences. We can however, offer some advice to get ‘back to a bright future’ filled with delightful customer experiences.

Tick Tock

With time of the essence, web self-service can be a powerful channel to enhance speedy, yet accurate answers to queries. It’s shocking how many businesses are yet to invest in this channel and the vast amount of contact centres that still rely on legacy systems (from sticky notes to manuals).

Having knowledge at the heart of your business; integrating knowledge across your website and within the contact centre will empower both contact centre agents and customers to get accurate responses quickly.

An agent knowledge-base will ensure that contact centre agents have access to up-to-date information at their fingertips, whether they are assisting customers via live chat, over the phone or email. Utilising a Natural Language Processing Engine, each key press triggers a search for the most relevant answer/s to a question.

And on your website the knowledge-base will ensure frequently asked questions can be answered quickly and consistently. The analytics of the FAQ self-service tool delivers valuable insights into trends, as the knowledge of knowing what customers are searching for will allow businesses to predict what they might ask next.

Wrestling with complex interactions and static budgets? Web self-service can save time, enhance customer satisfaction, and save money. What’s not to like?