Providing high levels of customer service

Especially during the festive period

December is here. It’s the time of the year when there’s no such thing as ‘too much glitter’ and the sound of ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ ringing in the background, no matter where you go. The dawn of Winter offers an advent calendar of daily weather surprises, much like the unpredictable spikes in visitor levels to your website or contact centre from customers needing help and support.

More than ever, customers compare, research, and switch when high levels of service are not met, when interacting with a business. With the peak festive period already in full swing, businesses looking to boost their revenue targets, must deliver ‘tinsel tantalising’ customer experiences to ensure their customers don’t go elsewhere.

According to netimperative, us Brits, spent more than £6.45bn on black Friday in 2016 with many shoppers swayed by discounted prices and deals perceived to be savvy. However, retailers smiling after Black Friday and Cyber Monday might not be in the following weeks. According to findmeagift, 2016 saw us spending £700 million on unwanted gifts. Though many of us might forge a polite smile and ‘thank you’, most unwanted gifts will promptly be exchanged or returned after Christmas. This makes the week following Christmas a stressful time for businesses with consumers likely to contact customer service, not to mention the impact exchanges and refunds have on revenue.

With many businesses employing temporary staff over the festive season, there is a high risk that customer experience levels drop because of inexperienced employees not having the skills, knowledge or training to deal with customer issues. Having an agent knowledge-base can reduce training times and be key to getting temporary staff supporting customers consistently and confidently, in minimal time.

At Synthetix we are proud to assist customers like Fortnum & Mason, seasoned professionals in delivering celebration worthy customer experiences across multiple channels, to maintain a high level of customer service especially during the festive period.

So seeing as its the season for giving and being jolly, Synthetix are offering you your very own special gift, the page turner that is Multi-Channel Online Customer Service for Dummies.

This quick but informative 30-minute read will help guide your business to:

  • Understand the challenges delivering effective online service creates
  • Distinguish between multi-channel and omni-channel customer service
  • Get an overview of the tools available to meet those challenges
  • Discover the must-haves you need for effective implementation