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Synthetix are pioneers of AI-powered digital customer engagement software in the cloud. Since 2001 we've set the CX bar, helping the world's most innovative companies deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint, through our suite of knowledge-integrated solutions.

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Our mission
We are an innovator and leader in Customer Experience software. Our solutions are always creative, beautiful, high-quality and excellent value – not just ‘good enough’.

Client relationships

We cherish client relationships, we strive to understand their needs, meet their requirements, and exceed their expectations.


We commit to engaging with clients and partners respectfully, listen to their feedback and consider how it can benefit our products and services.


We are only as good as the reputation of our clients, which is why we work collaboratively with our clients to achieve results they can measure.

Our story

Synthetix was born at the beginning of the Millennium. We’ve had the privilege to work with some of the world’s most innovative brands such as the London 2012 Olympics, the BBC, Samsung and Ford. Here are some key dates in our history...

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Born from the drive and imagination of its founders to revolutionise online customer service by bringing AI-based Virtual Agents to market faster and quicker than the complex and expensive options of the day, Synthetix debuted 'SmartAgent', a chatbot Virtual Agent which could communicate in a human-like way with users in customer service scenarios.


At the start of 2002, Synthetix get a big break, developing six award-winning Virtual Agents of sports celebrities such as Ryan Giggs for the BBC. The next six months has Synthetix developing Virtual Agents for General Motors and housebuilder Berkeley Homes.


Synthetix launches innovative chatbots that work within banner ads. This revolutionary functionality enabled clients to run interactive ad campaigns, allowing users to fill in forms, carry out calculations and interact with virtual characters. Brands such as egg and BT debut the technology.


In 2005, Synthetix delivers the biggest known Virtual Agent rollout ever. CareZone, jointly funded by the Department of Education and Skills and the Department of Health through care charity Become, Synthetix and technology partner Hitachi deployed nearly 90 Virtual Agents to provide children in care with key lifeskills information.


Ollie, designed by Synthetix for the Woodland Trust, becomes one of the most integrated deployments of Virtual Agent technology. Synthetix creates Ollie to answer questions about carbon emissions, calculate individual carbon emission amounts and set up donations to the charity to offset them. Ollie wins Synthetix the ‘Best use of Payroll Giving’ award, sponsored by Royal Mail.


Synthetix becomes sole supplier of online knowledge-bases for the London 2012 Olympics, delivering Virtual Agents for the website and a knowledge-base within the contact centre. Global visitors to the site are greeted by one of several virtual staff, ready to assist them 24/7, answering naturally worded questions. During the run up to the games, Synthetix serves hundreds of thousands of answers to people all around the world, saving thousands of hours on the phone.


A lightbulb moment in 2010 has us realise that self-service technology could drive massive efficiencies for contact centre agents. We craft a version of the software tailored to the needs of agents, with enhanced security, collaboration features and more powerful search and filtering capabilities. Today, SentienceAI is the technology that assists in answering over 10 million customer questions every year via channels such as Virtual Agents, FAQ Search, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Live Chat and Email.


Synthetix launches Visual IVR - a unique self-service technology to bring the contact form into the 21st century. Collecting only the info needed from the user for first contact response, Visual IVR is integrated with Synthetix Live Chat and SentienceAI NLU to deflect unnecessary contact to knowledge or chat channels. In a rollout for a major high-street chemist chain, Visual IVR reduces inbound emails by almost 60%, ensuring that those which still get through have increased FCR and lower AHT.


Synthetix launches the SYNAPPS API, enabling the developer community to build high-quality, best-of-breed customer service applications on the stable, load-balanced Synfinity platform using our flexible RESTful APIs, to seamlessly integrate into their existing development projects.


Synthetix scales to the USA and Australia. The comprehensive approach of our cutting-edge suite of customer service software and the launch of APIs opens new doors to higher margins and greater competitive advantages, further enhancing our client's customers' journeys and helping them to achieve better ROI.


Synthetix is listed among the global top 10 vendors within the Intelligent AI-driven Chatbot / Virtual Agent landscape.

Company culture

We maintain a company culture which is open, friendly, joyful, and professional, where we strive to have our employees look forward to coming to work every day. This short video offers a little insight into our history, culture, and the workings inside our head office in the UK.

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