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The customer journey starts on google, that’s why we developed the first SEO-optimised FAQ software help portal. Empower your customers to self-serve online, reducing contact volumes by up to 20% 

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Handle 20% of Routine Queries Online

Frequently asked questions are one of the largest strains to contact centres. By implementing Knowledge, customers resolve these queries online, dramatically reducing the volume of inbound contact to your support team. This significantly reduces operational costs and increases your team’s bandwidth, allowing them to invest time in more complex customer queries.  

Knowledge as a Widget

Knowledge can take the form of a floating, persistent tool that stays with your customer whilst they navigate through your site or it can be presented as a full-page help centre – or both.  

Widget Mode

Full Screen Mode


  • Improve CX with an easy-to-navigate, centralised location for Knowledge.

  • Cater to all users’ accessibility needs by offering a full-screen, searchable help centre.

  • A rich library of information that is ideal for problem-solvers who want to browse several FAQs.


  • Improve customer satisfaction by proactively offering help to customers when they most need it.

  • Enhance the customer journey by guiding your customer to their destination using the persistent FAQ tool – saving you time and reducing costs.

  • Use custom triggers to answer critical questions during critical touchpoints, boosting conversion rates.

Boost CSAT Scores by 12%​

Empower your contact centre to invest more time into customer satisfaction without the additional costs. As FAQ software reduces large volumes of unnecessary contact, the strain on the contact centre is alleviated, giving agents the time required to effectively deal with more complex customer issues. This reduces handling and wait times whilst subsequently improving CSAT scores.

Our FAQ software’s integration capabilities ensure not only that customers are served the best results by harnessing your knowledge base’s Natural Language Processing, but also facilitate smooth customer journeys. For non-routine customer queries, escalation to agent-assisted channels is available and executed seamlessly to provide excellent CX. 

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