AI-powered Customer Service Chatbot

Reduce Support Costs

  • 20% of routine queries and tasks can be independently handled using Synthetix’s Chatbot 

  • With fewer routine queries reaching the contact centre, costs are significantly reduced 

  • Agents are given a greater bandwidth in which they can deal with queries that are of a complex nature 

Optimise Customer Journeys

  • Guide your customers seamlessly to their destination using Decision Tree technology 

  • Pre-configured customer paths allow queries that require follow-up questions to be automated 

  • The customer service chatbot is your customers’ personal concierge, persisting with them throughout their journeys 

Promote CSAT Ratings

  • Through the utilisation of Natural Language Processing, Synthetix’s Chatbot understands customer intent 

  • By analysing keywords, intent, grammar and popularity, relevant results are returned, promoting positive CSAT 

  • Incorporate brand personality and conversational language into the Chatbot’s responses  

Bolster Great CX

  • Smooth escalation to agent-assisted channels such as Live Chat occurs all within the same window 

  • Custom triggers can be configured to launch your Chatbot when certain conditions are met 

  • Open RESTful APIs allow the Chatbot to integrate with most 3rd party apps including your CRM
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