Self-Service Cloud

Deliver automated responses across every customer touch point

More and more customer interactions are originating online and customer service technology has to adapt to this change in customer behaviour. Customers expect to receive consistent customer experiences, whichever channel they use.

There is no doubt that making the shift to self-service can help increase operational efficiency and cut costs. But the decision to adopt and promote self-service solutions needs to:

Synthetix has natively developed a suite of self-service digital channels within a single customer experience platform. The cloud-based infrastructure allows for a more rapid and flexible setup to help deliver the greatest level of customer engagement through a truly personalised and dynamically driven self-service experience, while reducing demands on IT resources and security concerns.

Intelligent FAQ search

Let your customers self-serve with our automated knowledge-base

Today, customers expect to source answers to their questions online. Synthetix has developed an FAQ search tool which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabling customers to self-serve timely, accurate answers to their questions in multiple languages.

The touch-friendly, responsive designed interface is optimised for web, tablet, iOS and Android platforms to help meet mobile computing requirements consistently across all channels.

Proven to help deflect customer contact by at least 25%, increase engagement and raise customer satisfaction, the FAQ search tool is formatted for websites to help users find answers and navigate your FAQ content by typing naturally worded questions.

The Natural Language FAQ search tool can also be incorporated in social channels allowing users to source answers directly from your Facebook page. RSS from Synthetix removes the need to manually check the knowledge-base analytics as it constantly monitors questions asked on the site and automatically populates the FAQ with the most up to date answers to popular questions.

Banner Ads (contextual advertising) can be placed in the prominent sections of a website and optimised to be displayed at a specified time during the customer journey to increase sales.

Virtual Agent

Add personality to your online customer service

Engage your website visitors with intelligent, conversational Virtual Agents that respond appropriately to customer questions with automated interactions. As a semblance of personal service artificial intelligence is combined with a graphical representation. Virtual Agents can reduce support costs, encourage self-service, encourage customer loyalty, and serve as a branding / marketing tool.

Synthetix Virtual Agents can help to troubleshoot customer issues with guided, conversational assistance with a structured series of questions and then make decisions based on their answers.

Virtual Agents can have a human appearance or tie in with the tone of the brand. Synthetix can help guide you to which representation would be best suited to your requirements.

Dynamic Web Forms

Forms that adapt to your customers’ choices and integrate with knowledge and Live Web Chat

When customers are trying to resolve an issue, multiple back-and-forth contacts might be required. This back-and-forth happens with ease in an in-person conversation, or on the phone, or in a live chat environment. With email, however, each piece of the conversation requires a new email. That’s not the most efficient way of doing things. Managing email queues is a time consuming process that saps agent productivity.

Unique to Synthetix, our highly agile, smart self-service Web Form system enables companies who have already invested in a Synthetix FAQ knowledge-base, to deflect up to *10% of email submissions by offering relevant answers at each stage of the form. Or when strategically integrated with Live Web Chat, it has been proven to deflect up to *40% of email submissions, giving customers multiple contact options.

Should a customer still find it necessary to send an email, this form is dynamically designed to ensure that the customers provides you with all the data needed in order to resolve the customer enquiry first time, dramatically reducing first contact resolution rates.

This combination of several Synthetix services makes it one of the most successful and compelling web self-services tools currently available, resulting in greatly enhanced customer experiences.

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