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Because nobody likes to be put on hold

Live Chat offers customers a free, quick, discreet and simple to use alternative to picking up the phone. By leveraging our existing Live Chat infrastructure, Synthetix Call-back offers a very low cost, but effective channel to enhance your customer service offering. Call-back enables optimal engagement between a customer and an agent with the right skills, at a time convenient to them, without any additional call charges.

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Key features

Simple to use booking functionality

Having completed a simple form with their name, contact number and topic of call (billing, ops, etc.) customers can book a specific call-back slot from those available, selecting both their preferred day and time. The Contact Centre Manager sets the time slots available and receives daily reports showing which slots had been filled.

Match queries with agent skills

Once submitted, this form becomes a call-back request, which is added to the Synthetix universal contact queue. Agents with the matching skills are automatically offered the call-back at the customer’s requested call-back time.

No additional call charges

Agents use the existing telephony infrastructure to call a customer, so there are no additional call charges. The agent can feedback on the call and a survey is also sent to the customer via SMS and email.

Ideal engagement platform

Proven benefits

Live Chat constantly scores the highest satisfaction levels for any online customer service channel. It’s no surprise then that Live Chat with Call-back integration, delivers spectacular CSAT results as well as an increase in first contact resolution rates and contact centre efficiency.

Note: All statistics have been taken from the 2018 report into online customer service by Synthetix or reported by Synthetix clients, unless otherwise stated.


Increase in First Contact Resolution.~Ameyo


Reduction in contact abandonment.


Of customers prefer Call-back to waiting on hold. ~Software Advice

Performance Analysis

Powerful metrics

Detailed reports and analytics

Synthetix analytics offers a filter to allow an isolated view of call-backs from other types of contact in the universal queue such as Live Chat and email. Our user-friendly dashboard offers built-in reports to track agent efficiency, the volume and drivers of customer queries. Analyse user experience through agent and customer feedback to identify opportunities to increase satisfaction.

It's a date!

The universal contact queue assigns Call-backs to agents with matching skills, utilising existing telephony to call the customer. And unlike traditional Call-back or "Click to Chat" systems which are typically very expensive - charging a per minute fee or sometimes a bridging fee between customers and agents with high set up and ongoing costs - there are no per minute fees with Synthetix Live Chat.

Potted Plant Callback

The Customer Service platform that delivers amazing ROI

Synthetix delivers huge productivity gains and ROI for both enterprise and SMEs. We could do the same for you. Just estimate the number of monthly visitors that your website receives and type the figure into the calculator below to view the kind of savings Synthetix could generate for you within days.

...visitors could give you totals of:*


Self-service sessions per month


Deflected contacts per month


Agent hours saved per month


Monetary saving per month

* These estimates are based on actual, average Synthetix self-service client metrics of a 5% usage rate, 50% contact deflection rate and 15 minute average handling time for contacts by email or telephone at a rate of £18.40 per hour. Your stats may differ. Hourly rate source: Contact Center Decision-Makers' Guide 2017, Contact Babel.

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