An update for our customers

You’ve read many COVID-19 updates from your vendors over the last few weeks, so we’ll keep this one mercifully short. Synthetix, like most firms, is now working from a series of home offices during this lockdown period. This was a remarkably painless transition for us, as many of our team were occasional homeworkers already. Development, support, account management, sales and marketing are all functioning just as you would expect, but with more dogs and questionable personal hygiene.
We’ve always been a company that offers more than just technology. Our services include very personal account management, best practice advice and intensive support and those have never been more relevant than now, when record number of customers are accessing both automated and agent-assisted customer service channels to get essential answers. We’re here to support you, so if you need help optimising your Synthetix customer service channel, pick up the phone or send an email to your account manager and let us help you.
As you would expect from Synthetix over our 19-year history, we’ll do our best.
Peter McKean, CEO, Synthetix.
Supporting Remote Working in for your Agents.
Many contact centres have closed or reduced to minimal staff to maintain social distancing. Agents are being furloughed and customer service as a function is being widely abandoned by many organisations. Customers however will not forget how companies deal with them during the lockdown.
To enable continuity, all Synthetix products fully support remote working for your agents. They simply log into our secure system directly from their web browser; no additional software or technical setup is required. For security reasons, logging in does require Two Factor Authentication (2FA), this can be set up for you agents via email or on their mobile devices.
Our products are also completely cross-platform, usable on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Our best practice recommendation is to use a desktop computer, but we understand this is not always possible in home-working situations, so we allow your agents to serve your customers on a variety of devices when needed.
Our Analytics Suite, which tracks agent conversation logs, login times, chat times and a raft of additional metrics on agent efficiency has two primary functions in remote working: Firstly, it gives your supervisors a full '360' view of agent activity during the working day and allows them to effectively manage their agents, optimise workflows and provide feedback without sitting in the same room. Secondly, our 'gamified' leaderboards give your agents a continuing sense of team interaction.
Many of our clients have successfully shifted from the office to the ‘virtual’ contact centre with our platform. We are here to support this transition. If your organisation is considering remote working as part of your continuity plan, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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