Contact Centre Cloud

Cloud-based customer service contact centre technology

The once placid customer, is now active in driving changes in customer service, and the contact centre. Multi-channel online customer service is increasingly allowing customers to contact businesses through channels of their choice as promptly during busy periods as during quieter ones.

Synthetix cloud contact centre technologies has many advantages such as scalability and the ease it offers to remote agents. It’s cost effective and simpler to deploy new systems and updates without the need for a labour intensive IT interference.

Cloud-based contact centre technology from Synthetix, opposed to on-premise installations not only allow businesses to extend a reliable service, but reporting analytics, feedback and other optional tools deliver value at every user interaction.

Live Web Chat

Support your customers in real-time

Whilst voice is still a popular choice for consumers, it is an expensive channel for organisations that can reduce customer satisfaction levels by routing customers through endless IVR loops. In fact around 13% of customers would not have made contact via any other channel. This is inclusive of hearing impaired customers as well as distressed customers who find it difficult to communicate over the phone. Live Web Chat however, allows contact centre agents to handle 2-3 chats simultaneously, improving efficiency and call response times.

Compared to email, Synthetix Live Web Chat can resolve up to *8 times as many customer enquiries in the same period of time. Due to the strategic placement of Live Web Chat triggers, customers are offered an escalation route only when they need it. This means that a customer will always get what they need quickly and efficiently.

When offered proactively at points where it will make a difference, automatically triggered, Live Web Chat can help reduce abandonment rates and be used to generate more sales. Synthetix analytics can help to determine where chat invitations are having the greatest positive impact on customer behaviour.

Live Web Chat from Synthetix aggregates live key stroke presses, helping agents to anticipate the nature of a query, before a customer submits a question.

Live Web Chat yields the highest customer satisfaction rating, in excess of *95% with more than *40% of customers choosing Live Web Chat in preference to other contact channels.

Agent Knowledge-base

A knowledge-base of articles which assists contact-centre agents, slashing training times and average cost per call

Designed with the contact centre operator in mind, a Synthetix Agent Knowledge-base is not just a rehash of a public facing FAQ system.

It has been proven to reduce agent-training times and increase conversions, whilst improving the overall customer experience. With a central database as the source of information, contact centre agents are able to see exactly what a customer sees, but with the advantage of having extra information only available to them.

A Synthetix Agent Knowledge-base is simple and fast to use, guiding the operator to offer further information or have a set of helpful tools to aid them during the conversation. This ensures consistent, accurate and timely answers, every time. Additionally, improvements can made to the knowledge base via the customer and / or agent feedback system.

The comprehensive analytical system can report on how different contact centre operatives use data within the Knowledge-base to show what customers are asking over the phone. This often differs from online questions and topics of most interest.

Data changes or maintenance within the centralised Knowledge-base can be assigned / automated for publication to either the agent view, to the public interface or both.

Email Management

Automatically assign emails to specific agents, spot trends and potential issues

Managing email, when the relevant nature of a customer’s enquiry is not on the list, might seem difficult as emails are rarely structured, often poorly written or phrased in countless different ways. They require some deciphering and only the most advanced AI technologies are able to automatically understand the content / intent of the message.

Synthetix uses semantic language understanding, to allow an inquiry to be understood with increased accuracy to route emails based on a set of criteria. This can identify multiple incidents in one email or one incident across several communications.

The intelligent Synthetix Email Management system automatically assigns emails – dependent on the query - into the que of an agent with the specific skillset, notifying them to respond to within a specific timeframe. Contact centre managers can quickly scan for trends or potential customer issues allowing them to assign email tickets requiring a higher level of specialisation, to go to more seasoned agents.

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