Synthetix disrupts the online customer support landscape with an attractive new pricing model and up to 60 days free trial

UK Stansted, Synthetix HQ / -- Delivering exceptional online customer support is a challenging task for most organisations. Synthetix, a leader in AI-driven online customer service software, has again disrupted the scene of online customer experience and support to enable non-enterprise businesses to reap the benefits of their award-winning cloud-based software.

Great time and money savings are to be gained by businesses of all levels, however, Synthetix has taking a classic B2B enterprise software model and adjusted it to make this type of online customer support software more accessible, from a pricing point of view, for small to medium sized businesses, to mirror their needs. Aside from a clearly defined tier pricing model explained on a dedicated pricing webpage, a calculator, built to convey current self-service client metrics, proves the huge productivity gains and ROI for both enterprise and SMBs when users type the estimated number of monthly visitors into it.

To further verify the benefits and power of their integrated suite of support software, free trials of selected services will be offered to qualifying organisations for up to 60 days.

Adam Ashcroft, Director at Synthetix says, “Synthetix has always been a technology innovator. We are once again glad to disrupt the traditional B2B software marketplace with this forward-thinking pricing methodology and we are not scared to put our money where our mouths are, by offering an up to 60-days free trial to qualifying businesses, confident that we can demonstrate the cost and time-saving benefits of our AI-powered technology.”

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