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Luke Addington Luke Addington

Utility Providers Riding Out

The Customer Service Heatwave?

Luke Addington Luke Addington Monday 11th April 2016

It’s a well known fact that in Britain, we absolutely love talking about the weather.

It’s great for filling an awkward silence or breaking the ice in a job interview . What’s going on in the sky can always kindle or revive a conversation.

We dissect it, analyse it, regularly show surprise at it, love it and hate it, however the same love is not shared about the companies who keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Utility providers are under pressure – as consumers’ faith in them is at an all-time low – and comparison websites make it easier for customers to switch providers in a couple of clicks. And it’s not just the unpredictable British weather causing heatwaves under many consumer collars even before they contact their utility provider.

Responding to a sudden influx of contact can cause the pressure forecast on communication channels to utility contact centres to be four seasons in one hour.

Our short infographic could help manage and prepare for a spike of contact to your contact centre.


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