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Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach

We Are Having Our Cake

And Eating It

Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach Thursday 12th May 2016

Happy birthday to us!

Synthetix celebrates our 15th birthday today, in ‘human’ years. Those years … the awkward age where you're not a boy, not yet a man.  Spots.  Hair in all the wrong places, but at least your voice has broken.

Although this might not sound very old, the advances in technology over the last fifteen years, might offer a better perspective on why we are celebrating our minor milestone.

Can you remember?

  • When you needed to physically attach a phone line to your computer to access the internet?
  • Hotmail address were de rigueur; the gmail domain was owned by Garfield?
  • When a mobile phone had an antenna or cool flip screen, used primarily for well, phone calls?
  • Online shopping wasn’t really that popular and quite limited, especially when it came to payment?

What were we up to 15 years ago?

Since 2001, Synthetix has been at the cutting edge of creating online customer service technology. In fact, Synthetix were creating virtual assistants similar to Siri, Cortana and Google Now before they became the norm. It’s true, our Jabberwocky NLP technology has answered millions of customer questions by making sense of naturally (and sometimes really badly) worded questions. How ‘cool’ is that?

But Virtual Agents are not the cherry on our birthday cake today. Synthetix cloud technology has evolved to now offer Platform as a Service (PaaS), empowering developers to create their own powerful online customer service tools using our API (SYNAPPS) technology. How’s that for sprinkles on top?

Happy birthday Synthetix – have some virtual cake on us!