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Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach

One Wants Omni-channel Customer Service

And One Wants It NOW

Neldi Rautenbach Neldi Rautenbach Wednesday 18th May 2016

Our Queen will shortly celebrate her 90th birthday again in June. Well, one wouldn’t be expected to celebrate just once now, would one? And it appears us Brits have royal tendencies too when online customer service is concerned.

New research from Lithium Technologies found that three quarters of UK adults expect their online enquiries to be resolved the same day. And if that didn’t make us sound a bit high maintenance, half of respondents stated that they would expect a brand/company to reply within an hour.

Millennials (aged 18 to 24) were by far the most demanding generation in the study, reflecting how tech-savvy generation Ys are driving up expectations in online customer service with 55% of respondents expecting a reply within the hour.

Calm down princess

Interestingly, the study revealed male respondents to be the more demanding gender when it comes to customer service, with 23% expecting an almost immediate response to a query, compared to 15% of women.

Forrester’s latest research also emphasise this need we have to get instant answers to our queries. It shows online self-service to be THE preferred channel for customer service over any other channel including phone and email.

Off with the headset

The concept of serving customers over multiple channels is not new. Consumers are no longer reliant on local businesses to meet their needs. The evolution of the internet alongside portable tech such as laptops, smartphones and tablets offers consumers a multitude of options to satisfy their shopping needs.

Enter the new challenge for businesses: Creating consistent and seamless customer experiences across multiple channels.

Companies that are looking to adapt to deliver omni-channel customer experiences recognise that mobile and social platforms have enabled consumers to quickly switch between channels and even use them simultaneously - E.g. Looking at a product review on their phone while they are in the store.

Get on your high horse

So we’ve put together another exciting, customer experience event focussed on best practice, proven strategies and tips for delivering omni-channel online customer service.

Register one’s complimentary seat now at London Zoo on 23 June and join the kings of the customer experience jungle.