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Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Synthetix

For 15 years, we've built dynamic intelligent online customer service tools on our mature, proprietary NLP engine. Our enterprise applications, hosted on our load-balanced cloud Synfinity servers, handle millions of automated customer conversations and seamless escalations to live web chat, annually.

Now you can build high-quality, best-of-breed customer service applications on this same stable platform using our flexible RESTful APIs, seamlessly integrated into your existing development projects.

Concentrating on your Strengths

Why divert critical developer resources to develop your own customer service platform when SYNAPPS will enable you to deliver Natural Language FAQ search and fully featured enterprise-grade live chat in days instead of months?

Whether you're building e-commerce websites, native mobile applications for iOS or Android, integrating with CRM packages such as Salesforce, adding premium FAQ results to a site search or creating an automated SMS knowledge-base, SYNAPPS will provide you with the tools to get you up and running quickly.

Scalability, Security and Resilience

Our load-balanced Synfinity network is fail-over tolerant, auto-scaling to as many servers as required to maintain brisk performance. Synfinity is built on top leading cloud provider AWS. With encryption at rest and in transit, SYNAPPS is secure. Our code is hardened to resist XSS and SQL injection attacks and we hold ISO27001, giving you confidence in our ability to keep your data safe.

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